Skeptic News: Scotland Atlantis

20120703-163953.jpgScotland’s Atlantis has been discovered at the bottom of the North Sea.

Divers, working with academics from the University of St Andrews, have discovered Doggerland (named after Dogger bank).

The research shows that a landmass once existed under the North sea that stretched from Britain to the continent. Around 20,000 years ago it reached a maximum but was mainly covered by ice and as the ice melted the land slowly vanished beneath the waves.

Research suggests that these drowned lands could have been home to tens of thousands of people and once might have been the real heartland of Europe.

Could it have given rise to the myths of Atlantis? Perhaps not. But the sunken land is subject of an exhibition at the Royal Society over this coming week.

Skeptic News: “Big Cat” remains found in North East

Are these the remains of a big cat found in the fishing village Cullen in the North East of Scotland?

The corpse was discovered by John Robertson, a builder aged 50, while he was out walking his two dogs with his wife.

Nearby were the bodies of half a dozen mauled and mangled seagulls that appear to have been the beasts last meal before it plummeted to it’s death over a cliff.

John estimated that the beasts tail was about 18 inches long and was shocked by it’s razor sharp teeth.

There have been a number of reported big cat sightings in Moray in the last few years. The latest was on April 16, when Portessie man Bill Paterson saw what he described as a cat-like animal as large as a Labrador, while walking his dog at Rathven Burn.

The corpse is now undergoing DNA tests to determine it’s species.