Skeptic News: Anti-Vax Family Denied Adoption

By Lee Christie

The Van Tienderen family in Pheonix, Arizona was recently refused the right to adopt because their biological daughter was not vaccinated for what the family called “philosophical reasons”.

The mother (Susann, aged 27) is quoted as saying

“I feel like if I knew every ingredient that was in each shot I would comfortable to make an educated decision” (  10th August 2012)

The family dispute the decision not to place the potential adopted boys with the family on the grounds that the children they are hoping to adopt have already been fully vaccinated, however, Arizona law states that all children in the household must have been suitably vaccinated before adoption can take place.

Vaccination offers invaluable protection against communicable diseases. The anti-vaccination movement (AVM) has become in increasing threat to health in recent years. The AVM threatening the return of diseases which killed many only a few generations ago. The family in question do not appear to have made clear their specific objection to vaccinating their daughter, but are ignoring the scientific and healthcare community’s who state that vaccination is safe and advisable.

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